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25 Bookish Facts About Me


1. I make my own bookmarks. My favorite is an origami heart – which sections off my daily reading goal – that is taped to a piece of ribbon that has an arrow on it. The arrow can be pulled up and down to mark my place.

2. I read before bed almost every night.

3. I get a lot of reading done in the bathroom. I won’t do anything but sit in the corner behind the door and read. No one bothers me, and I’m not distracted.


4. I like listening to the Vitamin String Quartet during long reading sessions. I have the ability to contemplate words whist playing a song in the back of my mind. I can be easily distracted because of this so listening to music helps me focus on my reading.

5. I’m a terrible verbal reader. Even when I’m reading simple children’s books to my nephew I have trouble processing the expressions in my head whilst saying it smoothly out loud. But I’m just fine when I read the passage in my head first.

6. Whenever a character in a book is doing something stupid I mentally rant as if I’m talking to them.

7. I’m deathly serious about my ships.

8. Peter Kavinksy is my one true bookish love.

9. I pick my bookish boyfriends based off their personalities and their relationships with their significant others.

10. I read a lot of underrated books.

11. I like going into books knowing as little as possible, but I still check the premise and average Goodreads rating.

12. I only choose books with a minimum of a 3.5 average rating on Goodreads.

13. I have only given one book one star: Beautiful by Amy Reed. I HATE THAT BOOK!

14. I make people sign a contract before borrowing my books.

15. I buy most of my books from the thrift store. Paperbacks are $0.49 at Salvation Army on Wednesdays!

16. I tape down the dust jackets to my hardcovers.

17. I rarely read e-books.

18. I love reading about distinct cultures in books.

19. I’m one of the very few people in the book-community that hasn’t read Harry Potter or Twilight.

20. I don’t read mysteries. I’ve tried, but I can’t get into it.

21. I’ve read mostly contemporary, but I’m getting into fantasy now, mainly retellings.

22. Beastly by Alex Flinn introduced me to fairy tale retellings.

23. The Clique series by Lisi Harrison helped me become an avid reader.

24. My favorite book is A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.


25. My top three favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks (the author of my favorite book), Lisi Harrison (the most inspiring author I know – she follows my Instagram and she’s given me writing advice), and Jenny Han (the creator of the most beautiful bookish boy ever). Any questions regarding why I love them so much?

Do you have any bookish quirks? Let me know in the comments below. – 💜 Lydia


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